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Go Volunteer Africa offers tons of different volunteer Malawi opportunities in Blantyre. Whether you would like to get involved in sustainable grassroots development projects, teaching placements, medical volunteering, youth empowerment or just childcare placements in Malawi, we have you covered.

All our volunteer Malawi opportunities give you an opportunity to explore, travel and enjoy the beautiful country of Malawi and lend a helping hand where help is most needed. As a volunteer in Malawi you will get involved with volunteer opportunities in Malawi that focus on Orphans, Women Empowerment Programs, Health/HIV programs, Teaching English, Street Children programs, conservation and more.

Volunteering in Malawi is a stimulating and provoking experience. This Go Volunteer Africa program enables you to absorb the fascinating Malawian culture whilst sharing your knowledge and skills with the host communities.

Blantyre is, in many ways, the unofficial capital of the country, and offers a greater choice of Malawian experience  than any other Malawi city. From green initiatives to excellent music and forgotten architecture, the city of Blantyre in Malawi is a remarkably livable city.

There might be many reasons to volunteer in Malawi with Go Volunteer Africa. Besides Malawi, being one of the smallest and poorest countries in Africa, Malawi is also one of the most beautiful ones! With fascinating wildlife, rolling grasslands and the most welcoming and heart-warming people you have ever met, this is a place you should definitely have on your bucket list. No wonder it is called the “warm heart of Africa”.

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer Malawi opportunities program is affordable, safe, flexible and meaningful. As a volunteer, you choose from a variety of projects. Whether you would like to combine your volunteer trip with an adventure tour, or just want to get fully immersed in Malawian lifestyles, we can find the best suit for you.

The ultimate goal for our Volunteer in Blantyre, Malawi program is to help improve the standards of living for the people of Malawi. All of the projects are of high quality and create responsible and safe opportunities for volunteers.

Go Volunteer Africa uses a unique model to make a real impact on developing communities, empower local non-profits and foster sustainability. This is a great opportunity to explore life in Malawi, live and work amongst the locals and realize one person can make a difference while volunteering in Malawi.

During your time volunteering in Malawi, you will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects, dependent on your interests and skills. These volunteer opportunities in Malawi do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and Go Volunteer Africa accepts volunteers for both short and long-term.

Volunteer placements in Malawi, are available all the year round. You just have to let us know when you are arriving and we will work out the best volunteer placement for you. The type of volunteer work in Malawi you are involved with will be dependent on your interests, abilities, level of experience as well as your comfort levels.

You’ll have the chance to travel at weekends but to make the most of this fantastic country why not leave some time at the end of your program to explore further afield!

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