Braches of Life International (BOLI) Nansana, Uganda. (Reg No. S.5941/7840) is a fully registered non-government organization, which offers a drop-in facility for children / Youths aged 4-18 who have been on the streets of Uganda, orphaned and vulnerable children. The program provides basic needs such as food, medical care, education, shelter, and clothing to these children, but most of all, the project equips them with hope.

These children live in dire poverty and are dying daily from malnutrition and vaccine-preventable diseases.  This Project exists to prevent this fate and give the children not just food and education but a future.

Branches of Life International believe that all children should have equal rights, irrespective of financial issues or family breakups: Street children are also children, they are not prostitutes or garbage, they need to be told so, and more so put into it.

It also monitors child rights and reports violations to the police, and offers family tracing services, as well as financial assistance and training in income generation to reunited families.

BOLI’s work also includes raising awareness of these issues within the community. It continually engages traditional rulers, government departments, the police and the judiciary through various means, and monitors the implementation of the Child Rights Act.

Mission: Establish a community based development project to foster and promote the welfare of people especially street children, HIV/AIDS orphans, youth and the elderly, through provision of basic needs in life, such as housing, education, vocational training, nutrition and access to health care..

Vision: To initiate and establish a community based development project that will foster and promote the welfare of people..


  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Respect
  • Stewardship

They have four major projects at hand, from which they get some funds to facilitate the welfare of the total orphans we have. The projects have not been that advanced hence the money received is not at all sufficient to cater for the magnitude of children they have.

Volunteer and Make a difference:

Working at Branches of Life International will require the volunteer to be utterly flexible and open-minded and to arrive with a positive attitude and willingness to jump in where needed. Many volunteer openings are combined positions, meaning that you will be asked to fulfill more than one position, depending on your abilities and schedule. All positions require English fluency.

Volunteer Types

  • Building/construction Projects, Childcare/children, Community Development, Economic Development, Education, English Teaching, Health Education, Hospital, Orphans care, Small Business Development and Social Services, Social Work

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Branches of Life International,

P.O. BOX 22368, Kampala Uganda

Tel: +256 414 697 347 (Office Phone)

+256 794 337 283(Mobile/Whatsapp)

E-mail: info@branchesoflifeintl.org

Website: http://www.branchesoflifeintl.org/