Get Volunteers

If you are involved with a worthy project in Africa, we can connect you with international volunteers who can support your work and projects. Register your organization and projects with us and get the opportunity to be connected with hundreds of individuals looking for volunteer opportunities in Africa.

We can provide you with substantial manpower support from international volunteers. We can refer individuals and groups of volunteers to your project! You would need to designate a coordinator (counterpart) from your own team, who would ensure your volunteers are started in useful work on the day after arrival.

After seeing and experiencing at first hand the work that you do, some volunteers will want to establish a closer and ongoing relationship with you. This could develop into important support/donor relationship.


  • We do 80% of your online promotion: Since Go Volunteer Africa promotes online to over 3000 websites and 46 newsletters we are positive your placements will attract attention of potential volunteers. Referral made by us means a volunteer likely to fit in, be happy, stay with you, and succeed.
  • We prepare volunteers: During the interview we discuss your organization and the type of volunteer work you offer. Our volunteers arrive one step ahead, since they are committed and have a better understanding of your mission and services.
  • Low fee wont stress your budget: Go Volunteer Africa requests only nominal one –time annual registration fee from organizations, far less than placing even one classified advertisement
  • A new source of volunteers: We may get volunteers in our office who are not aware of your organization, if they are a fit for your project we will make sure they get to know you.

For registration process, guidelines and requirements: read here