Environment Conservation Volunteering Rwanda

As a volunteer with an interest in helping to preserve the environment and contributing to important environment conservation efforts, you will make a significant impact on Go Volunteer Africa’s Environment Conservation project in Rwanda.

You can teach and share the ideas about environmental awareness in local schools and local communities. You will join the local teams which are doing outreaching to schools and communities, creating green clubs, planting trees, garbage management, recycling programs, making smokeless stoves, preparing nursery beds, sowing seeds, weeding, trimming, pruning, filling plastic bags, applying water and any work related to nursery beds.

Environment Conservation projects in Rwanda are conducted at a very basic level, introducing the locals to concepts and creative activities of environmental conservation awareness.

As a volunteer on the environment conservation project in Rwanda, you may also provide assistance to youth clubs or women’s groups in the community sharing their ideas, skills and knowledge about environmental issues. Our local teams will guide you during the project period. Volunteers’ efforts and contributions can create a positive impact on nature and promote environmental conservation efforts.

Join us on our Environment Conservation Volunteer Program in Rwanda and make a great impact