Tanzania Childcare & Orphanage Volunteer Work

As childcare & orphanage volunteer in Tanzania, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff in daily jobs such as feeding, cleaning, clothing, teaching and playing games with the children.

Our Childcare and Orphanage Volunteer in Tanzania program focuses on providing children with a healthy learning environment through interactive games and stories. Volunteers will also be involved in various games and learning exercises to create interest in developing the children’s physical health and potential.

Work with rural village, semi-urban and slum schools, teaching English and Math, provide an education to these schools and children and give them a future. Many of children will want to learn many things from you; you are of course welcome to get to know them. Many smiles waiting ahead

Childcare & Orphanage Volunteers in Tanzania provide vital help to the efforts of the local staff and in return, the local staff will be on hand to assist you throughout your placement, and their experience is invaluable in helping volunteers plan their sessions.

There are many private schools, orphanages and children centers in Tanzania that educate, house and feed needy children and orphans. You can teach primary classes, including academic subjects and life skills, and organize sport and art activities for the children. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get you into the best placement.