Affordable Quality Volunteer Work in Africa

Volunteer Work in Africa
Volunteer Work in Africa

It is hard to find an affordable, trusted and reliable volunteer travel organization offering quality volunteer work in Africa, which is trusted by over 25000 past volunteer travel participants.

Go Volunteer Africa is the largest and most affordable and trusted volunteer travel organization in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa provides safe, quality and meaningful volunteer work in over 46 countries in Africa.

We work closely with local NGOs in Africa and partner with many international organizations providing volunteer travelers with meaningful work at the grassroots level where it is much needed.

Our programs are a mix of volunteering, travel, vacations and cultural exchange where participants get to immerse in the local culture of the country they are volunteering in by staying with the locals and working with them on different projects.

We offer vast variety of volunteer programs, cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs in Africa, where volunteers can choose to work in rural, slum, urban or rural communities. Our choice of programs include working with Orphans, Women Empowerment Programs, Healthcare/ Medical internship programs, Teaching English, Sports Coaching Programs Street Children programs and much more.

We also provide Short Term Volunteering Programs to those who have just 2 weeks in hand and want to explore Africa while engaging in some kind of philanthropic work.

We provide volunteer work, safaris, tours and internships in Africa to international students, gap year travelers, and people looking for a career break as well as to families and corporate groups from around the world who are eager to come and help in Africa. You can join our programs in Africa, as an individual, as a group or even choose to volunteer in Africa with your family.

Our 2021/2022 volunteer travel programs are now open for bookings. By paying a small deposit upfront, you can rest assured that your volunteer programs for 2020-2021 are fully booked at the 20% discount offer running and you won’t have to pay the remaining balance until closer to the time of departure.

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